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Work towards achieving your fitness goals in the convenience and safety of your home or office.
Virtual personal training is for everyone – for regular gym-goers and those new to a fitness program, for hard-working professionals, busy parents, and those who simply prefer working out privately in their own space.


We’ve worked hard to adapt our services to Live-virtual offerings and what we have created is fun, manageable and exactly what you need right now.

This Personal training format provides motivation, accountability and support using a simple to access two- way interactive virtual coaching on workouts individually crafted for you to do anywhere, and is an effective way and unique opportunity to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Workout where and when you want! Stop waiting for the world to reset and start taking care of yourself right now.

Yes, a certified world-class fitness coach, Live- virtual Personal Trainer via Skype, Zoom or video call comes to your live in your place and guides you step by step through the process.

Appointments are either 30, 40 or 50 mins in length. All you need to get started is an internet and a yoga mat.

“The virtual training sessions are just as tough as having your sessions at the gym! Ellie has been really great at creating challenging workouts no matter what equipment I have.” Michael H, Chandler


A lot of Virtual workouts solutions offer very low cost pre-recorded video subscriptions that you pay each month, and you follow along with little or no interaction or guidance from the trainer. 

  • All of our sessions are Live. You will interact in real-time, with a live trainer throughout the entire session! Our trainers will correct your form, motivate and give you a safe and effective workout every time! You will be provided exercise tips and custom meal plans, and you can ask any questions at the end of your session.

You will get sustainable meal plan that fits in your lifestyle, your needs and preferences.

You can take advantage of our top-notch custom progressive fitness programs all from the comfort, safety of your home.

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I can’t believe it’s me: went from a size 14 to size 4!! The beginning of this journey was tough. I was set in my ways and thought I knew more than my personal trainer Elvira. Well a bit later I’m here to tell you this woman is amazing. Everyday there is a new workout so things never get boring, further Elvira is VERY mindful of all the things associated with being over 50. You know, “what hurts today”. lol... If you are looking to get fit, lose fat and ready to change your life, then I highly recommend you take a journey with Elvira.

Michele Gates, Scottsdale

Go ahead and call ELVIRA and let her work the same miracles she is doing to me!..- In my age, I was convinced by my doctor that committing to an exercise program and a diet was necessary for me. Needless to say, having NEVER participated in any exercise made this a very difficult step to take.

In only the past 3 weeks, I've already lost 20 lbs. and dropped over 5! inches from my BELLY! I never ever thought I would say this but I actually look forward to my Virtual sessions with her. She makes the sessions interesting and amazing by changing it regularly. She has created a nutritional plan that I don't mind following!! I still have a lot to accomplish with my health goals, so I definitely plan on continuing my Live personal training with Elvira.

I would strongly recommend her for anyone who dreams about improving their health and fitness condition but is afraid of the thought of committing to regular exercise. I am living-walking proof that it is never too late to start and is not as difficult to succeed as you might imagine IF YOU FIND THE RIGHT TRAINER. Thankfully, I found Elvira!!

Jerry G. Tempe 

Greatest investment I ever made!!! Elvira has constantly helped motivate me during workouts. While training with her I've never experienced any plateau in my results. Her combination of nutrition planning and variety of exercises are so effective.

In just over 4 months I lost 80 pounds and in the last 5 months I've built muscle and had really exciting strength gains. When I first started training just walking up the stairs would wear me out. She was able to maximize the work outs with my limited strength and energy. Now I've completed in a Spartan Race and planning to run in the Tough Mudder. In all honesty I never dreamed that a personal trainer could help me achieve so much. I weigh less than I did in College and I feel incredible!!

Brian Huff, Ahwatukee
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My initial thought was that virtual personal training online wasn't what I was looking for and I wasn't excited about going in this direction. I didn't have any gym/exercise equipment except for some light-weight dumbbells, an old band, and a mat. I'm used to heavy weights, a variety of machines and equipment, a training gym, and other people. When COVID-19 forced the temporary closing of the gym, I decided after a couple weeks of not working out to give it a try- since I needed to do something to take care of myself physically and mentally while the gym was closed. I have been blown away by my virtual training successes since my very first session! Here's what I've discovered and come to LOVE!

1. Worth every penny! Combining my own body weight and minimal equipment, Elvira creates personalized workouts that are every bit as challenging and often more challenging than my previous gym workouts! I did not see this coming! My virtual training program includes nutrition/meal planning so that my mind and body are working together for maximum health benefits and results. My results have been fast, maintained, and visible! The value and benefits of having a certified nutritionist, a wellness coach, and a virtual personal trainer at the same is truly worth every penny and drop of sweat!

2. No distractions! One-to-one like in the gym, but there are no distractions and wait times for equipment. There is no wasted time, the entire session belongs to me and it's so much easier to stay in my mental workout zone! 

3. No COVID concerns! Working out in a mask and gloves due to the pandemic is not something I want to do. The gym is hot, the mask and gloves make the body temperature worse, and it's hard to have an elevated heart rate and not feel like the mask is suffocating. At home there is no threat to my health and safety!

4. Convenient and cost-saving! No driving to and from the gym. No traffic jams and freeway accidents to crawl through and hope to get to the gym on time for my session. No hot car in the summer. Have saved so much needless driving time and money from not having to put gas in the car. Virtual training is more convenient - just turn on the laptop and answer Elvira's Skype call when it comes! Voila! My nutritionist, wellness coach and virtual personal trainer is live, personal, and right there in my living room with me!

5. RESULTS: Mental and physical fitness, healthy weight and body fat percentage, improved eating habits, strength and endurance, muscle definition, and ongoing motivation to workout, eat well and according to my body's needs and maintain a healthy lifestyle. All these results and it's so much fun!  I'm grateful for the compassionate and caring guidance Elvira always shows me. She's the best decision I've made for ME in years! On a scale of one to ten, this experience is a 12 and continues to be! Don't hesitate - Elvira's programs are tailor-made to meet your health and fitness goals, and her programs deliver!

Laura Kofman, Phoenix 

Virtual doesn’t mean it’s complicated.

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A smartphone, tablet or laptop with webcam.
  • Each workout is tailored to fit your space: basement, living room, porch, etc.
  • Basic equipment including a mat, resistance bands, and an exercise ball (if available).

No equipment? No worries!
Your trainer will create a plan based on the equipment you have access to.

Bring the Experience of a Personal Trainer right into your living room.




*A live personal trainer in the comfort of your own space. 

* Custom, safe workouts: specific tailored to your needs and goals, no training equipment necessary.

*The workout can be as intense as in-studio sessions.

*Real time results: A trainer will give you a full evaluation and get to know your background (i.e. injuries, health issues, etc.) and goals, and come up with a plan for you to achieve those goals as efficiently as possible.

* Accountability: In Real Time guide and motivation so you see progress. No more guessing!

* Unlimited support: no question of yours will go unanswered. 

* Convenient: Train wherever and whenever works best for you: take your workout anywhere you want! In home, at work, or at the gym. 

*And lastly, there’s no commute, which makes it easier to squeeze into your schedule. You can literally roll out of bed, slip into your favorite workout gear, and be ready to rock within minutes.

*Fit your workout in easily and on your time. All you need is a phone, iPad®, or computer. We’ll take care of the rest. 

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